Vaginal tightening gels are usually made with natural ingredients that have an “astringent” effect on tissue. Astringent ingredients have a tightening quality, similar to tannins in wine, which makes them effective at addressing mild vaginal laxity.

Natural stimulants or arousal gels are your best pick. According to recent studies, it has been proved that arousal gels, creams, and oils aim to boost oxygen and blood flow to the genitals, thus enhancing women's sexual satisfaction and pleasure.

chohgeegelq CG Oh Gee G Spot Gel 30ml (OUT OF STOCK)
Formulated to be applied directly to the G-spot to deliver an exhilarating tingly sensation that will truly intensify your pleasure and orgasms.

* Formulated to enhance orgasm intensity
* Fragrance free
* Gluten, paraben, mineral oil & sugar free

cgohwowgelqCG Oh Wow Tightening Gel 30ml
Increase intensity of your connection with Oh Wow. This silky cream goes to work restoring vaginal wall thickness to a youthful plushness. Perfect for enhancing sensation during penetration. Apply a small amount of cream directly to finger tip and insert into vagina. Rub in gently 15 minutes prior to intercourse. Reapply as needed or desired. May be used with kegel balls. Formulated to temporarily enhance sensation during penetration.

* Fragrance free
* Gluten, sugar, parabens & mineral oil free
* Not tested on animals.


Jelique Happy Gee Pleasure Gel 15ml
Get ready to turn up the volume and amplify your pleasure with Jelique Happy Gee Cooling Pleasure Gel. Experience new heights of pleasure as the naturally cooling sensation delights and excites.

* Cooling pleasure gel
* Toy friendly
* Sugar, Paraben & Gluten free
* Vegan friendly


Jelique Joy Buzzer Arousal Balm 1.5 oz
Description: Available in Mojito Twist (cucumber mint), Watermelon (watermelon mint), and Naked (flavour free).

Enhance clitoral stimulation and enjoy the delightfully tingly sensations of this kissable arousal lotion.

Sensuva On Natural Arousal Oil For Her 5ml

* This shockingly powerful botanical formula creates a warm and extremely unique buzzing sensation that awakens the nerve endings, increases blood flow and makes a woman feel more sensation than ever before!
* Will help a woman's body more easily respond to physical sensation, and give her the type of full-body awareness that raises her arousal level. These two things give women the ability to achieve orgasm easier.
* Another wonderful benefit of ON Arousal Oil is that it may actually help some women increase their production of personal lubrication. This may be extremely helpful for women going through hormonal changes, hysterectomy, or taking medications that tend to decrease their body's ability to self-lubricate.
* It's safe and pleasurable to use during oral sex
* The ingredients include sweet almond oil, rosemary oil extract, and chinese cinnamon. This product is oil-based, so don't use it if you're also using latex condoms.
* Menthol, L-Arginine, glycerin, & paraben free

arousieqIntimate Earth Intense Clitoral Arousal Serum
The Intense Clitoral Arousal Serum Contains a very special blend of peppermint oil, goji fruit extract and witch hazel. This gel-like serum greatly intensifies sensation to the be-all-end-all of female sweet spots.
Naturally drawing blood to the clitoris, awakening nerve endings and enhancing sensitivity during sex, foreplay and self-love, Intense works quickly, requiring just a dab massaged into the clitoral area before playtime.

* Make use of several certified organic ingredients
* Contains no harmful parabens.
* 100% vegan friendly

hemponqSensuva On Hemp Oil Infused Arousal Oil 5 ml
Sensuva has brought hemp seed oil extract and combined it with a powerful arousal oil for women with the On Hemp female arousal oil. This all-natural oil will dramatically heighten your arousal and give you heightened sensations when applied to the clitoris. This fast-acting product pulsates, vibrates, and tingles your most sensitive areas, allowing you to achieve maximum pleasure. The hemp seed oil extract is full of healthy vitamins and nutrients, and hydrates and soothes. This shockingly powerful oil is deeply moisturizing and ultra-satisfying.

* Moisturizing
*  Hydrates & soothes
* Gentle on skin
* Supports immune system response
* Relieves itchy & irritated skin
* Hemp oil infused
* Natural ingredients
* Cruelty free
* Paraben,Glycerin, & Gluten free
* 50 applications per bottle

arousalgelswissnavyqSwiss Navy Sensual Arousal Gel 2 oz
Perfect for couples. This unique formula has the ability to enhance and stimulate him, as well as arouse and satisfy her for an amazing experience! Pleasure and sensation for both partners in one bottle.
arousedafqAroused AF Stimulation Intensifier 1.5 oz
Getting aroused is as easy as applying this cream to your most sensitive parts before sex! Aroused AF Stimulation Intensifier Cream creates a tingling sensation that makes intimacy more mind-blowing than ever before. You'll love the deep sense of sexy satisfaction that Aroused AF creates for you and your partner!

* Squeeze Tube
* Warming
* Odorless
* Tasteless
* Non-staining
adsexaccelqAfter Dark Essentials Sexual Accelerator 2 oz
This exciting sexual serum perfectly combines the warming sensation of L-arginine with cooling menthol to heighten sensations and jump-start any sexual experience to new levels of bliss. The natural L-arginine extract is designed to arouse your senses and heighten erotic stimulation with a deep warming effect. Feel the chills run up your spine with every touch of the cooling menthol infused lubricant.

* Heighten erotic stimulation
* Eco-friendly water-based lube
* No artificial fragrance and colorants
maxoqWOW Max O Clitoral Arousal Gel 15ml
Women who use Wet wOw have been known to scream "OMFG WOW!" and declare love for their partners that lasts until the end of time...or until the tingling sensation wears off.
This water+silicone based gel has been scientifically designed to stimulate her most sensitive spot and heighten sexual pleasure. Providing an arousing tingling sensation that is more intense and longer lasting than our Gentle O formula.

shungaclitgelqShunga Secret Garden Clitoral Gel
Gently apply with your fingertips to your secret garden and discover new sensations that take you to the limits of female orgasm...Use it for your own pleasure or to reach new heights with your partner.
teasenipgelqIntimate Enhancements Tease Nipple Arousal Gel Mint
Just a few drops of Tease is all you need to get going. For use on all bodies,this gel perks nippls right up,making your body feel more sensitive and aroused.

* No parabens,glycerin or sugar

reversetighteinggelqDoc Johnson Reverse Tightening Gel
Temporarily stimulates and tightens the vagina for enhanced pleasure. Apply a pea-sized amount to your fingertip and insert into vaginal opening.
jobuzzyqJO Clitoral Stimulant Warm & Buzzy
Formulated to provide not one but two unique sensations. Enjoy a mild tingle that transitions into a warming sensation and peaks at a thrilling vibrating/buzzing. Apply a small amount onto the clitoris. Sensations will begin within 3-5 minutes. Can last up to 45 minutes,reapply if needed.
screamingoclimaxcreamqScreaming O Climax Cream
Apply a pearl-sized drop to the clitoral area and gently rub in for approximately 1-3 minutes. Allowing you to achieve an O-so more satisfying orgasm,because let's face it sometimes we need a little help!
jospicyclitoralgelqJO Spicy Clitoral Stimulant (OUT OF STOCK)
Description: Regular Strength,Silicone based
Formulated to stimulate and heighten sensual pleasure with a thrilling topical sensation. Designed to enhance touch sensation and sensitivity during foreplay and solo-play. Apply a small amount onto the clitoris. Sensations will begin within 3-5 minutes. Can last up to 45 minutes,reapply if needed.

joatomicclitgelqJO Atomic Clitoral Stimulant (OUT OF STOCK)
Description: Maximum Strength,Silicone based
Formulated to stimulate and heighten sensual pleasure with a thrilling topical sensation. Designed to enhance touch sensation and sensitivity during foreplay and solo-play. Apply a small amount onto the clitoris. Sensations will begin within 3-5 minutes. Can last up to 45 minutes,reapply if needed.

awakenclitgelqWicked Awaken Stimulating Clitoral Gel 8.6ml
Created to heighten sensitivity and enhance libido with a finely crafted herbal blend of botanics and aphrodisiacs. 

Stimulating clitoral gel designed to give you more powerful sheet grasping orgasms. The clitoris is a powerful organ of sexual pleasure; and although it has more than 8,000 sensory nerve endings-more than any other part of the human body, sometimes a little extra stimulation is all that’s needed to push you over the edge.

* Vegan 
* L-Arginine, glycerin & paraben Free
* Safe for use with toys
* Latex friendly
* pH balanced

drywellorgasmgelqDrywell Massage Orgasm Gel 100 ml
Drywell Female Massage Orgasm is a water based and silky smooth lubricant for women with a unique roll on design made for clitoral stimulation and intensified orgasm through out intercourse. With a natural formula, the moisturizing gel has some warming ingredients added too. Tingling and heating sensations mixed with stimulating rolling beads massage will certainly help you to reach the biggest O. 
Drywell is a Japanese brand that offers a huge range of practical value products made to redefine the meaning of intimacy and provide the ultimate pleasure.

* Gentle on the skin
* Non-greasy & easy to wash
* Warming & tingling 
* Easy to use roll on massage beads

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