Collars & Leashes

Mostly it is a simple way of indicating that the sub (the submissive) and the Dom (the dominant) have a relationship. It is a bit like an engagement ring (or even a wedding ring for some BDSM-ers), with its rituals.

There are now different meanings given to putting on and wearing a collar, depending on how people practice their BDSM lifestyle.


Adjustable Silicone Collar
Comfortable Silicone collars. Fits most.
newwebsitesignq chockertracermsMaster Series Tracer TRacking Collar
Find your phone? How about finding your collared sub? With this chic, faux leather tracking collar you can discreetly track your sub wherever they may be. It's adjustable, lockable, and has a soft inner lining so they can be comfortable while wearing it. Now, most subs wouldn't dare run off on You, their Mistress or Master, but every now and then you get a bratty sub, or one that simply got lost. Wouldn't it be nice to know where they've gone?

Your collared partner or client may be a wild, rambunctious and curious puppy! Those do tend to scamper off when they find other pups to play with! Luckily this collar is perfect for keeping a watchful eye on them even when they're out of sight. The adjustable metal buckles are nickel-free and ensure not only a secure fit but a classy look for a very special pet, playmate or submissive.

Even when not in a scene, they can wear this collar comfortably throughout the day and feel proudly owned and cared for. The collar is specifically designed to fit an Apple AirTag tracking device.

* Measurements: Adjusts from 14" - 16.75" circumference. Strap width: 1.5".
PU Leather,Metal

newwebsitesignq ftleashqFetish Tentation Premium Leash
A beautifully crafted leash to enslave your partner.

* Total length: 28.35"

newwebsitesignq collarrhinestoneqAdjustable Velvet Rhinestone Choker 
Description: Available in pink,black & white
Want a day collar that's a little bit more discreet? This adorable choker collar is just that! Cute and classy! Wear as a collar or as a beautiful piece of jewelry to make your outfit pop! Adjustable by clasp, fits most.

msheartcollarqMaster Series Gothic Heart
mscuffherqMaster Series Cuff Her
* Dainty chain

* Lobster claw clasp
* Nickel free
* Length: 20.5"
Zinc Alloy
strictoringchokerqStrict Rhinestone Choker With O Ring
* Adjustable

* Vegan friendly
* O ring detail
* Nickel free
* Length: 18.25"
PU Leather,Metal,Acrylic
ouchelegantcolarleashqOuch! Elegant Collar With Leash
This comfortable yet sturdy collar, with an attachment leash will put you in total control! Executed in a stylish titanium grey.

* Leash length: 38"

* Belt lock
* Strong handle
* D ring with metal clip
Bonded Leather, Neoprene, PVC, Metal
ouchcollarleashqOuch! Collar With Leash Army Theme
Take a good look at the hidden secret in the print, touch the sturdy materials and you know you got yourself something solid. Go for complete dominance over your lover or sub with this leash and collar set.

* Quick release clip
* Adjustable strap on collar
* Leash length: 42.5"
PVC, Nylon, Metal, ABS, Neoprene
sssafroncollarleashqSportsheets Saffron Collar & Leash
Explore boundaries and introduce soft submission play to your partner with our beautifully designed collar & leash set! Comfortable to wear for long periods of time or just long enough to make things exciting during your fantasy play.

* Hand wash
* Nickel free
* Limited lifetime warranty
* Collar length: 19"
* Leash length: 55"
* Includes: 1 Travel pouch
Polyurethane, Metal, Polyurethane Foam





Fetish Fantasy Collar With Cuffs & Leash

Take control of your lover with this playful set! Your pet will learn how to obey you in no time once you buckles the collar and attach the leash. Wrist cuffs attach to the collar, preventing your subject's arms from a full range of motion.

* Includes: Adjustable collar, adjustable wrist cuffs, leash

* 90 Day Warranty

Orange Is The New Black Short Leash
Keep 'em on a short leash! Perfectly pretty neck collar is lined with soft orange fur (fake of course) while a sturdy leatherette band and strong metal clips provide structure and strength.
* Detachable fastener
* Phthalate free
Faux Leather,Faux Fur



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