coltinflatplgpenisCOLT Hefty Probe Inflatable Butt Plug
Ready to take it big? Bigger is better…and with COLT Hefty Probe Inflatable Butt Plug, you can inflate this plug to the next level of satisfaction and enjoyment.
This probe features an easy squeeze bulb and quick release valve, making pleasure both simple and thrilling.
With a design that’s entirely created with your needs in mind, you’ll get exactly the sensation you want and pleasure you crave. So get ready, get set for the most satisfying anal experience around.

* Measures 6.5" x 2" prior to inflation

* Easy squeeze bulb
* Quick release valve
* Pliable and durable
* 1 Year Warranty

coltexpandbuttplgCOLT Expandable Butt Plug
newwebsitesignqmasterseriesoculusq Master Series Oculus
Indulge in a medical fetish or prep for deep & wide anal play!

* Round tips for easy insertion
* Centre ring is large enough for fisting
* Nickel free
Stainless Steel
newwebsitesignq msassboundqMaster Series A*s Bound
* Inflatable Silicone Plug: This anchor-shaped anal plug can be pushed inside while less than 2" in diameter and 3" long and then inflated to approximately 5" deep by 5.5" wide!
* Tapered for easy insertion
* Soft bulb for easy pumping
* Plug stays inflated when hose is removed
* Removable tubing for long term wear
* Equipped with release valve for slow or quick deflation
* Nickel free
Premium Silicone,PVC,Metal


Satisfyer Air Pump Booty 5+
The shaft of the vibrator can be enlarged by up to 15 mm in diameter for intensified stimulation at the touch of a button. Making this toy ideal for your anal training! The delicate grooves on the shaft also pamper you and invite you to enjoy intense highlights. Compatible with the award-winning Satisfyer Connect app! Create personalized vibration patterns, let yourself be pampered by rhythmic music via Spotify or chat with other users. For particularly exciting adventures, you can transfer control of the toy to your sweetheart via the app.

* Bluetooth/APP compatible
* Endless variety of programs
* Inflatable shaft for intensified stimulation
* Powerful motor transmits intense vibrations
* Easy to clean
* Whisper mode
* USB Rechargeable
High Quality Silicone,ABS

newwebsitesignq ffinflateassblastFetish Fantasy Extreme Inflatable Ass Blaster
Expand your butt to extreme new widths with this Ass Blaster! This hardcore pump up dildo easily inflates with a few squeezes of the medical style pump ball,filling your anus with thick stimulation. This lifelike dildo looks and feels just like a real cock...except that it's massive in size! This sleek dildo doubles in girth when inflated to the max. Every ribbed ridge and detail expands to extreme widths,filling you with pure pleasure. To relieve the pressure,simply twist the quick release valve counter clockwise and the dildo will deflate. 

* Length: 11"
newwebsitesignq msasspandqMaster Series A*ss Pand
Insert and inflate this velvety silicone anal plug and elevate your anal fill to new heights! Crafted for anal enthusiasts who crave a satisfying fill, but are turned off by uncomfortable insertions - the Ass-Pand can be gently inserted when deflated, and inflated when fully inside you to provide the backdoor stretch you need.

* Tapered tip
* Soft bulb for easy pumping
* Quick release valve
* Phthalate free
Premium Silicone


badkittyanalballonqBad Kitty Anal Balloon
Pump and enjoy! Equipped with a hand ball pump for total control.

Master Series Labia Spreader Straps XL

* Perfect for humiliation play

* Increases sensitivity
* Adjustable pressure clamps & straps
* Velvet lined
* Rubber tips
* Straps: 19" to 32.5"
* Clamps open up to 0.5" wide
* Nickel free
PU Leather, Metal
rougestretcherqRouge Speculum
* Can be warmed or cooled with water for heightened stimulation

* Easy to clean
Stainless Steel
exposedbootytapeqExposed Booty Tape
In the Dark Ages, butt lovers had to hold their partner's butt cheeks apart for deeper access and to savor the view. NOW we bring you this booty tape that does the spreading for you so your hands are free to do other cheeky things!

* Includes: 20 booty strips


Master Series Heavy Hitch

* Ball stretcher hook with weights

* Clips allows you to add more or heavier weights
* Heavy duty durable design
* Includes: two 8 oz weights
* Stretcher: 5.5" 
* Chain length: 9"

mspleasurefisterqMaster Series Pleasure Fister
Apply cornstarch to hand and forearm prior to use!

* Makes fisting more fun

* Add more stimulation to your stroke
* Can work on right or left hand
* Stretchy to fit most hands
* Measurement: 16.5"

Odile Absolute Butt Plug Dilator
Absolute is a game changer for butt lovers that want to reach the next level of anal play! The first butt plug dilator especially made to accompany you for the best anal dilation experience. Just lubricate and insert into your booty et voila! You are now 100% in control of your own dilation. Byt turning the black key, the girth of the shaft increases gradually, slowly, and safely, from 1" in diameter to 1.5". Enjoy dilation at your own pace!

* Water resistant
* Easy cleaning
* BPA free
* Phthalate free
Premium Quality Silicone

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