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All About Ingredients 101



Not everything lists the amount or percentage of an ingredient that is in a product, in fact most don't. BUT did you know that the higher up on the ingredient list something is the more potent...

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Popular Sex Position's

1. The Wheelbarrow:

Get on your hands and feet and have them pick you up by the pelvis. This is a great opportunity to bring that core strength into play... Then grip their waist with your thighs.

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First Sex Shop Visit



We all have been there, whether it's sitting at a coffee shop for the first time by yourself, going bra shopping or even that yearly trip to the Doctors office!  It's okay to be a little awkwa...

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May Is Masturbation Month

Masturbation is a normal and healthy sexual activity. It's a natural way for individuals to explore their bodies, experience pleasure, and learn about their own sexual responses. It can also be an e...

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Welcome All!

Good morning good afternoon, good whatever time of the day it is you find yourself browsing our website, we welcome you and appreciate your interest in our locally owned business!

We like to pride ...

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